Silver Steamroller Street Printing - Saturday, September 3

Large-scale hand carved artists blocks will be inked and steamrolled in front of the Seedboat Gallery, 214 W. Yankie Street at approximately 2pm and 6pm.  Once inked, a 3,000-pound Silver Steamroller (think steamroller without the steam) will roll over the blocks to create large artist prints.  

Check out the video clip below to see how are friends at Wayzgoose in Seattle, Washington got it done! 

Steamroller Letterpress Smackdown 2012

Fred Barazza - Featured SteamRoller Artist

Manuel Fred Barraza was born in 1955 in Silver City. New Mexico and grew up outside of Silver City in the small communities of Fort Bayard and Santa Clara. Growing up in the foothills of the Gila National Forest has given Barraza a bonanza of subjects to paint, draw and sculpt. He works in a multitude of art forms and media including printmaking, painting, illustrating and sculpture.

Barraza has created book covers and illustrations for over a dozen books by writer Dutch Salmon and has illustrated the bilingual book "The Cactus Wren and the Cholla" by Valerie Garcia. He has designed numerous posters for special Silver City events, the United States Forest Service and New Mexico Libraries. Barraza's art work has been shown throughout New Mexico in various shows and galleries.


Damien Davies -Guest SteamRoller Artist

Damien Davies uses painting, sculpture and printmaking equally to create works inspired by the energy of cityscapes and surreal daydreams that occur in his head.  Using a variety of techniques including both traditional methods and a street artists approach his works blur the lines between the two. 

His works are about the way he views the world around him. It is a world in which the homeless man on the corner is a wandering traveler. It is a world where deceased family members watch over us in the form of antlered spirits. It is a world where people wear raven suits and jellyfish shine like stars. Each piece is a snapshot of the idea that "we create the world we live in."

A long time resident of Silver City, N.M. Damien's work can be further explored at



Power and Light Press is a ship shape print shop that's built to handle all of life's messy emotions. Ever since we flipped the switch on in 2009, our cards and posters have been designed, printed and packaged in-house: meaning each and every piece has come straight from our own blood, sweat, and tears (metaphorically...for the most part). Our company is run by boss-lady Kyle Durrie and fueled by a fleet of all-female letterpress operators with clean hands and filthy mouths: a bunch of real class acts who like making real-ass things. Because at Power and Light Press, we aren't afraid to get a little dirty now and then. 


Stacey Heim & WNMU Students-Guest Steamroller Artists

Stacey Heim has a love for all things printmaking and enjoys sharing this with her students. She received her MFA from the University of Wisconsin with an emphasis in printmaking and painting. In addition to teaching at Western New Mexico University, she has also taught at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, WI, and Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. Stacey currently lives in Silver City, New Mexico with her husband and dog Merckx, where she enjoys trail running, cycling and of course, making prints!  


Cindy Iverson-Letterpress Central-Guest Steamroller Artist      

Sarah J. Hough- Dotted Press -Guest Steamroller Artist

Letterpress Central is an artistic letterpress shop run by Cindy Iverson who has been involved in teaching letterpress since 2005. She learned letterpress in 2001 during her MFA program at Columbia College.

Dotted Press evolved out of a love for design, typography, and craft. My background is in graphic design, and I developed a deep love for letter forms and typography during my undergraduate program. Letterpress printing was a natural evolution of this obsession.

ALCS Logo.jpg

Alison PHillips & Aldo Leopold Charter SChool STudents- Guest Steamroller Artists