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Silver Steamroller Street Printing

Silver Steam Roller Street Printing at the Southwest Print Fiesta!

Are you interested in participating in the Steam Roller printing event, as part of the inaugural Southwest Print Fiesta?

We have a very limited number of Steamroller printing spaces available for our first year. A committee will curate a maximum of 3 teams/individuals.

To be eligible for the steam roller event, all interested artists must submit a thumbnail sketch or mockup of their image by Monday, August 8.

Imagery can be whatever you want, representational or abstract. If selected, you will be provided with a 36x36” unmounted linoleum block.

Paper will also be supplied for the day of the event.

The steam roller prints will be printed in an edition of 4, with one print going to the artist, one archival for future exhibitions, and one as a sponsor benefit. The last print will be for a fund raising raffle.

Deadline for thumbnail sketches: Monday, August 8
Notification of acceptance: Tuesday, August 9
Lino Pick up: Wednesday, August 10
Print Fiesta: Saturday, September 3

Please email submission thumbnails and any questions to kevin@mimbresarts.org

Check out these videos of Steamroller printing from other events around the country



Kevin Lenkner