Plan your trip to Silver City, NM with help from  www.visitsilvercity.org, which offers tips for lodging, dining, and adventuring in our beautiful town!


The Southwest Print Fiesta is organized by the Mimbres Region Arts Council, whose mission is to "nurture a creative community". We provide programs that foster an appreciation and understanding of the arts, serve as a resource for artists and cultural entrepreneurs, and positively impact the area’s economy by creating and supporting events and experiences that enhance the region’s appeal as a premier destination. We believe in building a thriving community that inspires creativity, enriches education, and attracts visitors seeking authentic cultural experiences. www.mimbresarts.org

The 2018 Southwest Print Fiesta is produced in partnership with Power and Light Press, a ship-shape print shop based here in Silver City, fueled by a fleet of all-female letterpress printers with clean hands and filthy mouths. www.powerandlightpress.com

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